Monday, October 17, 2011


Well, yesterday was day one of injections and it went pretty well.  They don't necessarily "hurt" because the needles are pretty small. The medication does sting a once its in the body for about 5 minutes.  My morning injection, Follitism, goes in a pen-like gadget which makes it pretty easy to do.  You insert the vial, turn the knob to the amount of medication you need and push.  Pretty simple.

Insert video here (I taped us doing our first injection but for some reason it wont load) Bummer!

My evening medication is a little more advanced.  You use a syringe and requires mixing the medication with sodium chloride (water).  Then you extract the mixed medication from the vial and inject it into a 2nd vial.  Swirl that around and then extract that into the syringe.  Replace the needle and inject into the abdomen.  Last night we had an air bubble and couldn't flick it I went to Russ & Tammy's house for help! Of course they knew exactly what to do and Tammy gave me my injection.  Let's face it. We aren't in the medical field and both have NEVER done anything like this before so we went to someone who does! LOL. Now we know what we are doing so tonight should be better.

Other than the injections themselves, Ive had headaches the past 2 days (no bueno).  I was told that headaches were a side effect to the meds so I'm hoping it wont be every day.

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  1. Hi IVF Mama, This is Laura, Crystal R. Friend! We just met This past Sunday at the Orange County Fair Grounds. I was the lady with the 6 month old baby in the ERGO baby Carrier and the 2 1/2 year old in the jogging stroller). :) I just want to let you know that I will be in prayer for you during this journey you are on. :) Amen to your last post in the promises of GOd and what He has for His people. May God's peace flow through you as you seek His face whole heartily and may His Joy overflow you when it seems to be impossible.

    Love, your sister in Christ