Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 6...more blood work and an ultrasound

TGIF! Boy what a week! In all fairness its been a good week minus the headaches I had earlier in the week. Thank God I haven had headaches the past 3 days so I'm a happy camper!

My mom spent the night last night and gave me my injections.  She's good at it. She does it in a way that they don't really hurt! So this morning she came with me to my doctor appt.  I had blood drawn first and then went in a private room for my ultrasound.  My doctor was out of town so one of his colleagues did the ultrasound today.  I will spare you the "lovely details" (lovely, my butt) and move to the results.  The doctor said everything was progressing well and it looked like as of today I had around 6-8 mature follicles ready to go! Therefore....they started me on another injectable medication called 'Ganerellix'.  So now I have 1 in the morning and 2 at night :( This medication is to prevent me from ovulating since my body has mature eggs its natural response is to ovulate.  They don't want that to happen until next week until my procedure.

I'm hanging in there though! God is giving me strength!

T comes back on Sunday...I miss him a lot.  He said today he ministered in a Panamanian prison and it went well.  Ok, till next time...xo

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