Friday, April 26, 2013

Finally...she's here! Zarah Amana Sotomayor!

I know this post is way overdue BUT I'm a mommy now! I don't have a lot of free time anymore!  Here's the quick version from where I left off...

Our birthmom, Apolonia, called and said that she had a dr appt and was already dilated to a 3! So we knew the time was approaching soon.  A few days later, she texted me and told me that she lost her mucus plug sooooo we immediately booked our flights and flew out to Tennessee the next day! We landed in Tennesee on Sunday night at midnight. On Tuesday afternoon, we had lunch with Apolonia and finally met her face to face.  It felt like a first date! LOL It was so good to finally meet her after all the phone calls/texts! She was so petite and beautiful face to face and we couldn't believe that this was really happening.  Lunch was amazing. We talked for about 3 hours.  During the lunch, she said that Zarah (in her tummy) kept moving :)

Later that evening around 10:30pm, we got a phone call from Apolonia saying that she was being admitted to the hospital and she was already dilated to a 5!!! So we hurried up and sped to the hospital! Boy were we excited...and scared! Once we got there, she had an epidural and was resting so we didnt get to see her until the next morning.  We also were admitted and got our own room and all!

We hardly slept that night because we were bursting with excitement! We were kept up to date by the wonderful hosptial staff, as well as Apolonia and we waited....and waited...and then finally we got a call that Apolonia was at a 10 and was ready to push!!! I hurried down the hall to her room and T went to the waiting room.  THE TIME WAS HERE!  After about 3 good pushes, Zarah was born at 12:27pm weighing 7lbs, 7oz and 19.5 inches in length! I got to cut the cord and immediately do skin-to-skin contact! Did I mention she even has a dimple like me??? Her ethnicity is half African American & 1/4 Salvadorean & 1/4 Guatamalean.  Daddy is half Salvadorean! We like to say that "God is a tailor"!

We stayed at the hospital for 3 days until we were discharged with Zarah and then we stayed in Tennessee until we were cleared to fly home with her back to California.  We were there almost 3 weeks.  We couldnt wait to come home! My parents met us at the airport and it was a magical with our daughter!

We LOVE her soooo much and we LOVE being parents.  She was definately worth the wait! God is so faithful and His timing is perfect.  We are so grateful to God for our miracle baby and for allowing us to be her parents.