Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Embryo Transfer Done!!! Now bed rest!

Today went really well! We got to the hospital around 7am and they took me right into the back.  I took a valium before we went and it was nice! LOL I had never taken one of those before...anyway they took us back and had us meet with the embryologist and nurse.  She showed us a picture of our embryos and said they looked great.  We signed a few forms and I was told to change.

Ok, after I changed, they led us into the laboratory and we got to see our embryos under the microscope! I started to tear up...OMG our little embryos were there. A product of me and my hubby fighting to become a potential baby. Wow. Such an amazing process.

These are our 2 embryos!!! This is what they look like after 5 days :)

Ohhh...I forgot to mention that I had to drink soooo much water before hand so the ultrasound could be clearer. Woah...I was scared I was going to pee on my doctor! My bladder was sooooo full!!!

Afterwards we went back into the procedure room and they dimmed the lights because embryos are sensitive to light and smells. I will spare you the lovely details...The procedure went relatively fast; probably over in 30 minutes.  Afterwards I had to lay on my back for an hour (minus the several times I went to empty my bladder). After my hubby and I had "a moment", we invited our entourage in the room with us! My mom, dad, brother, Casie and Tammy. I love them. 

So now, I will continue a few meds and stay laying on my back for three days...its almost 6pm right now and Ive been on my back since 8 am and I'm already going crazy!! LOL. I'm used to being  a busy body! I go back next week for a hormone level blood test and in 2 weeks for my pregnancy test.  Til next time...xo

After we got home, my mom and Casie on bed rest with me :)


  1. Those pics came out really nice--especially the one of our babies :-) How wonderful that we were all able to share in such a memorable day and monumental event with you and Tee!!!!! We will all remember this day for the rest of our lives, thank you Jesus!!

  2. Seriously I just balled my eyes out right now! Love you:))