Monday, November 7, 2011

Back to work today...

Today was a good day. I went back to work and I was so happy to see my kiddos.  When I walked in the class, I was greeted by all these notes!!! I took them home tonight and I just finished reading them all and they are so sweet!
The day went well, I sat most of the day because it hurts to stand for a long period of time.  I really had a good day and the kids were so happy to see me (the clapped when I opened the door in the was so cute).  The day went fairly fast and after school I had so much to do. I AM EXHAUSTED!!! Tomorrow I go in for more blood work to check my hormone more week until we find out.  I dont know if I can make it!!! Til next time...xo


  1. Wow! We have been reading your blogs and they are very interesting. What an amazing journey! Thank you for keeping us "blogged" because we are thinking about u always. Good luck with those shots. We r here for you sweetness. OXOXOX

  2. Awwwhhh! I know how much your students missed you because I have seen how they love you so much first hand. You are an outstanding teacher and you will be a wonderful mother :-)