Thursday, November 10, 2011

The 2ww (2 week wait)...

For those of us that have done any fertility treatments, we know the term "the 2ww". Its the amount of time you wait to find out if you are pregnant.  I've heard its hard and honestly I've been keeping myself busy so it hasn't been too bad but now that my test date is almost seems like time is moving so slow!!! Just a couple more days and we will find out the results of our IVF cycle...I cant wait!

Other than that, things are going great.  I have noticed a few changes in the way I've been feeling but it could be a result of the progesterone and estrogen that I'm I'm trying not to get too excited.  I'm still doing my nightly injections in the tushy...I think my butt is so bruised internally that its getting used to being in pain all day.  Aye....Below is a picture of my nightly routine...heating pad, injection, heating pad. 

Until next time...xo

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