Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nugget of hope...

God gave me a nugget of hope! I got the term "nugget' from my dear friend Pam.

Yesterday I was having a really hard day. Really hard.  As soon as work was over, I immediately left and came home and cried! I had been holding it in all day but with 30 little ones, you have to be "on" all the time! I'm sure it was partially hormones but also knowing that Mothers Day is coming soon has been on my mind.  Every store has it plastered everywhere and for the infertile woman its really hard. I know...you are probably all thinking...but its several weeks away!!! Nope, for me, it marks yet another year that we are childless and holidays are especially hard. 

I texted my closest girlfriends (including my mommy) and told them that I needed prayer.  I'm so blessed to have an amazing group of friends that I can be real with.  I immediately got texts from them saying they were praying for me and they gave me words of encouragement.  Even until the late evening last night, I was getting texts saying "just thinking of you" and "how are you?".  HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I wish everyone had friends like mine :)

Well...today I got an email from our adoption agency letting me know that we have already been presented to 5 birthmoms! We have only been fully in the system for one full month! All of the birthmoms that our agency works with are in the beginning of their 3rd trimester so at this rate, we could have a baby by the end of the year! God knew that I was feeling down yesterday and today He gave me a sign of hope! God is good!

So thats the lastest...xo!


  1. God will not bring you this far to let you down! Praying that you will continue to trust in the Lord. He will bring it to pass and the "IT" will be perfect... a gift from Him!

  2. That's AMAZING that y'all have already been presented to 5 birthmoms. I pray that God is preparing the way for your child. =)

  3. He's always right on time!! Love you baby girl :-)