Saturday, March 17, 2012

Working on our adoption profile...

Hola! Alot of people have been asking me whats been going on with our adoption.  For the past few weeks, we have been working on our adoption profile and right now its in the hands of a graphic organizer.  Seriously, its been like a part-time job!!! I come home from work and work on adoption stuff! I had to write all the text and find pictures of us over the years that I feel best represent us.  Once he's done with it we will send it to print and then we send copies to our agency.  Once they have our profile, we can start being presented to birth mothers. Yippeeeeee :)

An adoption profile is a booklet/pamphlet that has lots of pictures and information about the adopting couple.  It basically is like a 'sales brochure' for why we would be good parents.  It includes our background, how we met, why we are choosing adoption, our faith, our home, parenting ideas, pics of family members, etc. It will be between 8-12 pages.  If you've never seen one, they are actually really nice.  Here are some examples I found on the internet.

Sooooo...thats where we are at! Once its done, I'll be happy to share.  Until next time...xo

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